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My first hair tutorial!! I'm getting so many questions about how I curl and style my hair, and to answer all the questions I receive, I thought why not make a tutorial about it! So here it is!

Step 1 Protect your hair with a heat protectant (this step is very important ladies) and divide your hair in two sections
Step 2 Then use a curling iron, mine is from hot tools and it's a 1inch barel
Step 3 Take small sections of hair
Step 4 Curl a section of hair around the barel, and curl inwards
Step 5 A little close up
Step 6 Tadaaa there you have a wavy curl!
Step 7 Now your curls are looking nice and polished (and I don't like that look)
Step 8 So now it's time to mess those pretty curls up, I use a kind of sea salt spray to achieve that beach-y look!

It's super easy! I hope I've explained well to you all, and you will rock these messy beach-y curls!

Good luck and if you want to see more of these tutorials please let me know in a comment below or by email!