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HERE'S my first ever tutorial and as you can see, I'm a rookie.. next time I make sure the doors of my closet are closed haha ;-)
Oh well, pratice makes perfect and I really liked doing a hair tutorial for you! So what do you think of it?
You get the best result when your hair is still a bit damp, so not fully dryed! And it is super super easy to do.

So the best part is that Rob Peetoom and I teamed up and I will giveaway one hot air styling brush by BaByliss PRO to one lucky girl!
Here's what you have to do:

1. Follow me on Bloglovin and Facebook
2. Like the Facebookpage of Rob Peetom
3. Leave a comment with your email adress

Thats's all!

Goodluck and I wish you all a nice day!!


P.s I'm wearing a Mexx Metropolitan top and a River Island Necklace






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HERE'S a little video impression of our day at the beach last week. I want to do more these video outfits, so much fun to create a atmosphere around the outfit. Curious if you like it or not, obviously I need to practise with Imovie a bit more ;)

Let me know what you guys think and have a lovely sunday!!







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I wanted to share this super cool video concept with you.The story is about 3 young girls in a small town somewhere in the USA who meet up with an innocent local girl who ends up taking a leap towards independence in the most fun-filled, adventurous way imaginable (sounds pretty cool right?) That's the backdrop for the new interactive campaign launched by ONLY, where you get to decide how you want the story to move forward. I personnaly love new media like that, it's so innovative.
Are you curious about the whole video? You should check it out here! (I would love to make a roadtrip like that myself!)

And did your inner bad girl self ever wondered how it's like to steal a pair of jeans?
With ONLY's new movie campaign, you make the big moral decisions, moving the story in the direction of your choise.
I have watched the movie myself and it's fun, I can assure you. 



Meet international model Sandrah Hellberg, she plays the innocent girl in the movie.

Travelling the world as an international model for four years now, Swedish-born model Sandra Hellberg really knows her way around the world, yet she still feels a lot like the young girl from the small town just outside Stockholm that she grew up in. " I grew up being an ONLY girl"  Sandrah Hellberg says.

Sandrah, you have been travelling for 4 years now with your job as a model. Don't you ever get tired of it?
Actually, I feel very privileged because I get to meet new people and see new places almost every day!
Every day is new adventure.

 In this shoot you are playing an innicent girl who turnes wild. How do you feel about the role?
I can really relate to it. When I was a younger girl, I lived in a small Swedish town, and I was much like the girl in the ONLY movie. Starting high school in Stockholm was a huge shock to me back then, similar to the ONLY girl I'm playing.

What was it like for you to be acting rather than modelling?
It is so much fun! I love being challenged to be more active and involved in the proces. I would love to do more acting parts in the future!

How do you feel about the styles you are wearing in the movie?
I really grew up being an ONLY girl. At the age of 13 I wore all those pretty girlish ONLY dresses and then eventually went over the jeans-with-attitude look. The whole transformation in the movie with the styles is so close to my own coming-of-age experience.

What do you think about the concept, I personally really like it because the concept is so new and interactive.
It's really different from what we already have seen! Besides that I really love the movie. the setting and styling.

Curious about your opinions!





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This video just makes me smile!! They're showing us not to take fashion too seriously.. it's fun!!
Emanuelle Alt (one of my style icons) and Mademoiselle Agnes are dancing and acting crazy on the song "Wake me up before you go-go" (along with some gorgeous supermodels) for the relaunch of and I had to share it with you guys!

Have an amazing weekend!!


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