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How old are you, where do you live and what do you study?
I am 23 years old (will turn 24 in August, I'm getting old!!) and I live in Amsterdam together with my boyfriend!
We moved in together last july and I'm loving it so far, Amsterdam is an Amazing city!
In december we added a new family member ,our kitty cat Lola! 
I study media styling at Vogue Academy in Amsterdam.

What do you do for a living?
At the moment I'm looking for a new job, last tuesday I had a really interesting job interview at a PR agency so I'm really curious how that turned out, will keep you updated!

What was you motivation to start blogging?
I was following a bunch of blogs for a long time and thought why not start my own one, let's see what happens!
I think that's the best way to start blog, be a little open minded about it and don't have too many expectations. 
It's my number 1 hobby now (it became more then a hobby when I start blogging at CofD though) I really really enjoy doing it!
Your sweet comments I receive everyday keeps me motivated!!

Which camera do you use, and who takes your pictures?
The camera I use is a Canon 1000D and the lens I use is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (couldn't recommend this lens enough!)
My boyfriend is my always enthusiastic and supportive photographer!

What is your big dream?
My dream is to work at a big fashion magazine on day, as a fashion editor!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Hate this question, I love many many different styles but I would say casual chic but always with a twist.

Who are your style icons?
Emanuelle Alt, Miroslava Dumba, Olivia Parlermo, Taylor Tomassi Hill, Elin Kling and so on...

Which blogs do you read on a daily basis?
LOADS.. to name a few Afterdrk, Style by Kling, Angelica Blick, Colombine Smile, Fashion squad, Tuula, Studded hearts, Gary Pepper vintage, Styleheroin, Blame it on Fashion, Man Repeller and again so on and so on... (I think I have a slight addiction reading blogs to say the least)

What's your favorite city?
Without a doubt Paris and New York.

What's your favorite dish?
My favorite dish... I think I have to say my boyfriends pasta recipe. It's so good!! After that I love sushi.


Could you show some interior photo's of your new home?
That's a very nice idea, will dedicate a whole post on this soon, stay tuned...

What are your favorite trends and colors upcoming season?
Floral prints, I can't wait to mix and match with floral prints!! 

What's your number one on your wishlist?
A Celine bag.... *dreamonbillierose*

What's your favorite clothing item?
That's a tough one, I love to wear blazers/jackets/kimono's It's the perfect layering piece.
My favorite one is my silver H&M Trend cardigan at the moment. (I literally live in the damn thing)

Do you wear heels often?
No I don't actually, I would love to wear heels more often but to be honest with you.. I have a love/hate affair with heels.
I hate to walk on them but they look so pretty!!

What are your must haves upcoming spring?
I have a few, I would love to own a floral suit, blouses with cute embellished collars, a mint colored jumper and a white blazer.. and a boyfriend jeans. That's all. 

What's your everyday make-up routine?
I start to apply a light weight foundation, love this Jemma Kid one.
Then some concealer, bronzing powder and I love to apply lots of blush to give me a healthy flush!
Mascara, eyeliner and a lipstick and I'm ready for the day to begin.

How do you curl your hair and what are your favorite hair products?
I've done a sort of tutorial a while ago you can check this one out here.
I always use a flat iron to curl my hair, it's way quicker than a curling wand and I like the result even better.
My favorite hairproducts... I like to use Dove shampoos especially the conditioner in the tube.
And I use Biosilk religiously.

Well that's it for now, I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed working on this post so maybe in the near future I will do another Q&A post!

Have a nice day!!






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After blogging for about 1,5 years now I thought it was fun to do a question and answer post!
So ask me anything you would like to know about me (fashion related or not) and I will answer the questions in an upcoming post!
You can leave your questions in the comment bar below or send me an email!!

Looking forward to your questions!!

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