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IF you're following team Creators on instagram you probably already know we had a big brainstorm session with a part of our Cofd team at Sanoma last Friday. We had meetings with a lot of inspiring women like Hilmar Mulder and Cara Schifflers (Dutch Grazia), Jonna Veer of Marie Clair and the whole team of Blog Today! It was so nice to sit together as a team and talk about how to improve our blogs!

In July I'm celebrating my third blog-aversary (time flies!!) and I'm so super grateful to have such dedicated and loyal readers. That got me thinking of asking YOU the question: What kind of articles would you love to read on my blog (or miss on my blog) or want to read more often? I'm really curious about your ideas and feedback!

Let's brainstorm together! 









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#1 I started blogging almosr 3 years ago after reading blogs like Afterdrk, This Chicks got Style and a lot of Scandinavian bloggers like Elin. I got so inspired by reading their blogs and the beautiful pictures I wanted to start my own!

#2 Looking at one of my first outfitpost I feel super akward, I can't even look at it! But back then I loved it, style evolves and so does my photography! You have to start somewhere and if you work hard enough and practice things get better!

#3 Billie Rose is a nickname my boyfriend gave me

#4 Speaking of my boyfriend, in March we're celebrating our 8th year anniversary! We met 9 years ago and became good friends and the rest is history..

#5 My all time favorite serie is Sex and the city, I've seen all the episodes over and over again. I loved the serie way more than the movies. Right now I love New Girl, it's SOOO funny if you haven't seen it yet you have to start, it's a good laugh!

#6 I have a serious "on repeat" problem when I discover a new song I like. I put it on repeat like a 1000 times untill I get sick of it. Right now Lorde - Team is on repeat. 

#7 I have a girl crush on Beyonce, speaking of playing on repeat, her new CD.. oh my god! I listen to it over and over and over again and yet I'm not sick of it. I'm going to her concert in March and I can't wait!!

#8 I really want a dog, a French Bull.. I want to name him Frans.. Frans the French Bull. 

#9 I collect pretty vases, I just love them. Everytime I visit Zara Home I want to buy one. 

#10 I have a serious Pinterest addiction, It became a morning ritual oh and before bed time ritual.. And in the afternoon with a cuppa tea..

#11 I think I've watched the Holiday and the Notebook more than 10 times and still not sick of both movies. Their my favorites!

#12 I hate cooking, I wish I didn't but unfortunately I really dislike it. Thank the lord my boyfriend is a great cook and he loves to do it! 

#13 Though I hate cooking I love food, my favorite is Melanzane, it's a kind of lasagne but with eggplant instead of the dough sheets and a lot of parmazane cheese. It's so good!!

#14 I had glasses since I was a little girl of 5 years old. When I had my firt eye test I thought I saw a cat but it was a sailing boat, my mom thought I was making a joke but I wasn't. I always hated my glasses! But since the past few years I really enjoy wearing them. Especially my latest additions! 

#15 5 years ago I visited New York for the first time and I really want to go back.. It's becoming almost an obsession. I reallly want to go!! I loved that city sooooooo much. I really want to go in September.. to be conitued...

#16 My second favorite city in the world is Paris

#17 Flowers make me so happy! My favorite flowers are pink roses, peonies and lilies..

#18 I have a little brother, well let me rephrase that I have a younger brother.. (But he will always be my little brother) And he is the funniest person in the world. He always makes me laugh!

#19 I love to hang out with friends but I also really enjoy being alone.. Watch a movie, take a bath or read a nice book. I love it. 

#20 I really want an earparty but I'm to affraid to get my ears pierced!! There I go, I said it.. phiew..

#21 In my ideal world I love to work out 3 to 4 times a week and drink green smoothies all the time.. fact of the matter is I hate going to the gym and I really love my honey pops in the morning.

#22 When I say I love to drink coffee I really mean I love milk with a tiny bit of coffee a.k.a Koffie verkeerd (translation wrong coffee) 

#23 One of my happiest moments is when I go out with my girlfriends, get a little bit drunk (just a little bit, tipsy is a better word)  soaking up the music and dance all night!

#24 This year I really want to visit at least 3 cities I've never been, first one probably is going to be Madrid!

#25 "Life is like a story, make yours the bestseller" is my favorite quote ever!

Now it's your turn! Tell me something funny or random about yourself! 






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I never had style resolutions, so I thought it might be a good idea to evaluate my style a little bit on the blog today.
I find it really hard to describe my personal style, I like to mix things up a little bit. I love the Parisienne chic style but also the minimalistic Scandinavian style. Both are totally different styles! I like to dress myself with some sort of twist or contrast to make it more interesting and more "me". But to define my personal style.. I find it really difficult. So what are my style resolutions for 2014? Here we go:

1. Buy less, choose well
Yes you read it correctly. Buy less. I'm not the kind of gal who spends hunderds of Euro's on clothes a month but I really want to invest in good pieces. Basic pieces like the perfect pair of blue jeans or a white shirt, classic loafers and a everyday black leather bag. Pieces I can wear everyday, never goes out of style and are easy to mix and match with more statement pieces hanging in my closet.

2. Dress up
I'm the kind of girl who loves her comfy jumpers, ripped jeans and sneakers. I love love love to dress up, but I gravitate more towards the comfy clothes in my closet. Nothing wrong with that of course, but this year I want to dress up more regularly and wear more high heels! 

3. More color and prints
My closet contains a lot of black, grey and neutrals. So more color and prints are certainly very wlecome in my wardrobe! 

4. The Bag
This year is the year I'm going save and (hopefully) buy my first designer bag, It's on my wishlist for a long long time and I haven't found the perfect moment to buy it just yet. I mean, the bag I'm eyeing on is so expensive!! For that amount of money I could also go on a citytrip, and the idea I'm spending that amount of money on a bag is just insane! But I really want it to happen this year so I'll better start saving! A classic, timeless bag is the best accessory to every outfit. 

5. Clean the closet
I want to start this new year with a clean closet so it's detox time. I already started a little bit and selling a couple items here. Out with the old, in with the new! 

6. Fashion is Fun
Another style resolution is to continue doing what I do and LOVE to do. Don't take fashion too seriously, take it with a pinch of salt!

Do you have style resolutions? 






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HOPE you enjoy this insta diary overview as much as I enjoy making them! 

Enjoy your day today!!


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IT'S been a while since I last did a 5 favorites post! About time I post a new one don't you agree, always love to create these kind of post! And I always find them so interesting to see on other blogs!

My 5 current favorite things are:

1. My boyfriend alsways makes the best coffee in the morning before I go to work (he also always makes my breakfast, yes I'm a lucky girl)
2. I'm an icecream addict, my favorite flavors are melon and banana yummm!
3. Love this outfit my boyfriend was wearing! His nikes are so cool!
4. This beautiful blue nailpolish from Essie is my fave at the moment, such a pretty metallic color!
5. Still obsessed about tiny delicate rings, my favorite is the heart shaped one I got from my boyfriend..

Hope you liked it!

Lovely day!


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