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Hope you all are enjoying your christmas with a lot of presents, your beloved ones and delicious food.
My christmas was very very nice, yesterday my boyfriend and I cooked dinner for his mom en today my family came by and prepared our first christmas dinner at our place. And it turned our pretty good, haha!

Since I got my Iphone I am totally obsessed by Instagram, I love it!
So I create a little instagram christmas diary for you!

So what are you looking at:

1. Our christmas tree including our christmas presents
2. Lunch at Mazzo all christmassy
3. Little detail of my christmasoutfit I was wearing today!
4. My boyfriend and I made the first dish, avocado and shrimps (it doesn't look that attractive on the pic haha)
5. My boyfriend gave me my favorite Chanel scent!! Thanks baby!!
6. Mom and I
7. The boyfriend and I having lunch somewhere last week
8. Happy me!

Merry merry merry christmas my sweet followers and readers, enjoy your evening!!


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