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"WHO run this motha, who run this motha, who run the world GIRLS" Still daydreaming about Beyonce's concert yesterday!! It was so freaking amazing!! She was one of the few big artists I wanted to see live and it was truly incredible. Now back to reality! Let me tell you what my 5 favorite things this week are:

1. Spring offcouse!! Wearing my favorite YSL sunnies.
2. Smoothies on the terrace in the sunshine...
3. New statement earrings from Super Trash, love it!
4. Favorite breakfast, oatmeal with banana, dates, chia seeds and agave syrup.
5. Wearing my open sandals for the first time this weekend en felt so good! Bought these shoes back in January and finally got to wear them :-D

Hope you like it! Have a lovely Monday!!



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