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Yesterday I went to Diesel to check out the new collection, that will be in store very soon!
And I have to say, I really liked it!
Back in the days when I was still in highschool I used to wear brands like Diesel and Replay, but I pretty much stopped wearing these brands when H&M and Zara became very popular.
As for now, I still love to shop at H&M and Zara (as you may have noticed) but my affection with high end brands is growing again.
I guess I'd rather choose for quality than quantity, only if my budget allows it offcourse!

These are my favorite pieces of the collection, this is the first collection designed by the new designing team.
They're going in a whole new collection, and they did a pretty good job!

What do you think?



Het is alweer donderdag, en tijd voor hint nummer 5!!

Hint nummer 5: Als Rembrandt uit 't raam kijkt, ziet 'ie de pump zo liggen.

Vul hier je goede antwoord in, succes ladies!!

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