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ANOTHER outfit from rainy Amsterdam, I will update from Ibiza very soon!!

Now let's talk about the outfit I'm wearing. 

Have you ever heard about the brand Lois?
Well I did, I know the brand by stories my mother told me. It was her first ever jeans she was craving for really badly.
She told me it really looked the same as the jeans I'm wearing, only a little more flaired.

Lois is a Spanish brand established in 1962 and is the first European denim brand. 
In the 70's Lois became the favorite jeans label of many legends such as ABBA and Bjorn Borg.
Soon, young people all over the world followed fashionable suit.

It is Lois 50th birthday this year, special isn't it? And to celebrate this they recently launched a very special limited collection called Lois legends.
The jeans I'm wearing is from this special collection and I'm in love with the fit already: it's high waisted and very sophisticated. 
It is also very comfortable since it's stretchy (which they didn't had back than my mother told me) 

I'm curious, what is your favorite denim brand, and did you ever heard of Lois before? You really have to take a look on their website and don't forget to become their best facebook buddie by liking their fanpage

Lois | Jeans
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I think I could wear this outfit every day, love a 70's inspired outfit!
Don't wear this jeans as often as I should though, mabey because I prefer a skinny jeans  more over flared jeans because I'm more used to wear a skinny jeans. But a flared jeans makes a good change!
I'm now on the hunt for another color, saw a coral version at Zara the other day, need to find that one!!

What kind of jeans is your favorite?


H&M Trend | Cardigan and Jeans
H&M | Necklace and Tee (men department) 
Accessorize | Bag