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SO here's the story, I have been eyeing on a coat from the french brand Maje (which I adore!!) for a while now. I couldn't find it anywhere so I got to the point I gave up on it. Last saturday I went to the Bijenkorf with my boyfriend for some Christmas shopping. I directly went to the Maje and Sandro corner. After I checked out every single piece a sales lady came up to me and told me there was a secret sale going on. My heart was beating faster and all of the sudden I saw the coat of my dreams, the coat I was looking for for months on a girl who was trying it on.. so I sneaked around her pretending I was looking for something.. The second she hang back the coat of my dreams I took it, tried it on and it fitted like a glove. I got it with 50% off and I am the happiest girl!! Do I sound superficial? 

Will show you the coat later today so stay tuned!!