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Uhm hello picture overload!! A summery of the past 2 weeks.
Had a great two weeks actually! Queensday, the makeover at Rob Peetoom, friends and some good parties!
But at the same time busy with school and work!

What are you looking at?

My new darling I found at H&M Trend, isn't she lovely? / C'est moi / Hello green nails / Lola just can't miss out in my diary posts / Working on the "secret project" my dear boyfriend filmed the short video for Rob Peetoom which you can watch here, thank you sweetie / the second edition of Vogue with the beautiful Lara Stone on the cover / A little braid experiment, hmm I think I need a little more practice / danced the night away with my converse all stars on (in combination with a sequinned pants ofcourse, have to make a little compromise) / Had a little shoppingspree with my friend Stephanie (check out her blog here) and bought the same round sunnies / Breakfast at work / Me / My favorite nail pollish at the moment / Queensday, had to wear something orange / Amsterdam, had the best queensday ever, it was my first time celebrating it in Amsterdam / Backstage / One of my favorite photo's with my nephew and my brother / My boyfriend an I / Had the best sushi ever / My favorite boyfriend jeans, bought it two years ago and still love it / Armparty /  Hello round sunnies / My boyfriend and I again celebrating queensday / How I love a good bedtime story / Pretty amazing clutch I have been ignoring for way to long now

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It's been a while since I've showed you a diarypost, truth is.. My average week isn't picture worthy at all.
Been working a lot, worked on school a lot when I'm home and all that jazz.
But last week was a nice week so here it is!

What you looking at:

1. Our first christmas tree!!!
2. It's getting colder and colder by the day so a big scarf s a must these days
3. Having coffee with my boyfriend after shooting some outfitpictures!
4. My boyfriend and I... Aaaahw
5. Went to the Levis store opening with the lovely Phuong, had a great time
6. If you're looking for a good pair of jeans it's definitely tha place to be
7. Me at the Alterna african dinner a couple of days ago, the wonderful Daan of next hair guru did my hair
8. Yummy
9. We got an amazing goodie bag with Alterna products and I must say so far so good

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