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SKINCARE is something that's really important to me and find so interesting. Back in the day I suffered from really sensitive skin, red spots and all that jazz. When I used the right kind of skincare that suited my skintype it luckily all changed. Here's what I use:

Rule number one: always take off your make-up (even when you're a little tipsy) and clean your face in the moring as well to get rid of the dead skin cells and start the day with a fresh face. In de moring I use the Ultra facial wash by Kiehls (one of my favorite brands) and after that tone my face with their Ultra facial toner, the toner is really moisturizing. 

Then I use a serum from Estee Lauder called idealist, it feels so good on the skin and makes it so smooth. It also repairs the look of uneven skin texture. After that I apply a moisturizer by Origins, a brand I highly recommend because they use natural ingredients in all their products. I use Make a difference plus creme which feels incredibly nice on the skin.

In the evening I do the same routine (but then I use a different serum from Estee Lauder called advanced night repair). 3 times a week I use an exfoliater by origins and twice a week I use the Drink-up intensive mask. This mask I HIGHLY recommend, it's my favorite product ever. You apply a thin layer before you go to bed and go to sleep with it, and in the morning you wake up with soft and bright skin. It smells amazing too! 

Hope you find it useful. I really enjoyed writing this post because for some reason it's something I am really passionate about. Would love to hear your favorite skin products! 

Lovely day!

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