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The first thing that pops up in my mind when I think of Rituals are all the amazing bath and body products (I love the foaming shower gels for instance) and the beautiful shops. They have a couple of different ranges and I will introduce you the Tao Rituals.

Tao focuses on balancing the two types of energy: Yin and Yang. In our busy modern lives, we are bombarded with more stimuli than ever before. This profusion of stimuli (Yang) creates an imbalance, which leads to stress. It's important to bring peace to Yin, our spirit. Tao (litterally means 'the way') guides us towards deep relaxation.
And that's exactly what I need when I come home after a day of work which sometimes can be very stressfull.

The main ingredients in the Tao line are white lotus an yi yi ren. In the far east, organic white lotus is an important symbol of purity and peace. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart of the lotus flower is recommended to relieve insomnia. I love stories like these behind a product, it's so much more than just a bodyproduct.
Other Tao ingredients include Chinese peppermint and green tea, it smells so delicious and natural.

The sets includes 5 beautiful products, I will tell you how to balance your body and mind using the Tao products

Step 1 Begin with a gentle exfoliation of the skin. Apply Wai Wang, a delicate exfoliating cream we have enriched with organic Bamboo. (My skin never felt so soft after using this!!)
Step 2 Rinse off with the sensationally soft T’ai Chi shower foam
Step 3 Follow up with the crème de la cream: Mei Dao, which is Chinese for ‘the way of beauty’. And a beauty it is indeed: Mei Dao nourishes and restores your skin while leaving behind a pleasant perfume
Step 4 Now that you have found some peace of mind, take a comfortable position and apply cooling Lao Tze foot balm to your feet, massaging their pressure points to get any blocked flowing efficiently again
Step 5 Finalise by gently rubbing some Qi stress relief serum on temples, neck and forehead. Breathe easy as Chinese mint brings out a positive mindset, and Yi Yi Rin nourishes your skin.

After this ritual I feel totally relaxed and ready for a nice long beauty sleep.

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I wish you all a good day!!